• Tent Row at Summer Camp 2014

    Tent Row at Summer Camp 2014
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Welcome to the web home of BSA Troop 858, St. Peters, MO

It’s Recharter Time!!!

Re-charter will continue until December 4th.  That leaves 3 more meetings to make sure that your re-charter fee ($24 Scout/Adult) is paid to Mrs. Wiss.  There is no meeting on Thanksgiving Day.   All adults need to make sure that your Youth protection is up to date as well.  Council will not re-charter you if it is not.  After Dec. 4th, any individual, Scout or Adult, that has not contacted us to re-charter, will be dropped from the active roster and will need to complete a new application to become active in the Troop again I will be at this week’s meeting from 6:45 to 7:10 to re-charter, as I have another meeting that I have to attend.   Fees can be taken from boy’s account but you must see Stacey in person to verify this request If you can’t make a meeting by the 4th but want to recharter you can contact Stacey about sending her a check.
Brian Haberberger
Troop Committee Chairman

November 1st World’s Fair Hike – Forest Park

We will be hiking the council’s 1904 World’s Fair trail in Forest Park Saturday November 1st. This will be about 10 miles and will qualify as one of the hikes for the hiking merit badge. Mr. Miller will be teaching the hiking MB at the 10/23/14 troop meeting.

We will meet at the parking lot of the Dwight Davis tennis center in Forest Park – please see map below. The hike will begin at approximately 10:00 am. It should take us around 5-7 hours depending on how fast we hike. We will be hiking with some Webelos from various packs on on Saturday. Please make sure you are prepared and are bringing the essentials for a hiking trip. This will be in an urban area so the need for wilderness survival skills/gear will be minimal. :-) Make sure you bring a sack lunch! We will be eating along the trail somewhere. If you complete the entire trail you will be eligible to receive a nifty patch.

Hike sign up form link. Please fill out only one per family with total number going on the hike.

Link to trail description

Please let Mr. Barnes know if you have any questions

Rifle/Shotgun Shooting Campout

We will be doing the NRA shotgun certification at the 10/23/14 troop meeting. Only those who have signed up may take this class.  Those Scouts who have not paid for the class materials will have to pay for them at this meeting ( $8).

The camp-out is only Friday night – we will depart Saturday evening. No patrol cooking due to the number of scouts that will be attending. Mr. Haberberger  is the grub-master for the weekend. Please pay your $15 grub money to him.

Please bring your own shotgun shells if you didn’t pay Mr. Boyer to pick some up for you. They should say something like “target load” on the box. If you have questions about purchasing shells please ask Mr. Boyer prior to purchasing your own.

The shooting campout will be held at the Bench Rest Rifle club in Wright City.

Link to Bench Rest website


2280 Kohn Rd.

Wright City, MO  63390

Spring Camporee

This weekend, the weekend of May 16th, we will be camping for the spring camporee at Beaumont Scout Reservation in High Ridge, Missouri. Be sure that you have your Merit Badge worksheets!  Bring Money For Extra Activities!

Address: 6480 Beaumont Reservation Dr.
High Ridge, MO 63049


Court of Honor – March 27th

Our Court of Honor will be held on March 27.  The World Bird Sanctuary will be bringing an Eagle to this Court of Honor.

We also would like each family (not just new) to bring a dozen cookies to the next meeting as we will be having a court of honor. Please no peanuts in the cookies as we have
kids with allergies in the troop.

OA Spring Conclave

If you are a member of the Order of the Arrow and plan to attend the Spring Conclave on April 11-13, be sure to register online at www.shawneelodge.org. Purchase the $10 patch only ticket before April 1. After April 1, the cost is $15.

At this conclave, if you are ready, you can apply for brotherhood.

April 4-6, 2014 Tendertoes Lane Field Beaumont

Tendertoes is quickly approaching.  It will be held the weekend of April 4 – 6.  The new scouts should show up on Saturday morning April 5th at Lane Field at Beaumont Scout Reservation. As noted in a recent email, the scouts should bring their items they are packing for the campout to the troop meeting on March 27th.