It’s Recharter Time!!!

Re-charter will continue until December 4th.  That leaves 3 more meetings to make sure that your re-charter fee ($24 Scout/Adult) is paid to Mrs. Wiss.  There is no meeting on Thanksgiving Day.   All adults need to make sure that your Youth protection is up to date as well.  Council will not re-charter you if it is not.  After Dec. 4th, any individual, Scout or Adult, that has not contacted us to re-charter, will be dropped from the active roster and will need to complete a new application to become active in the Troop again I will be at this week’s meeting from 6:45 to 7:10 to re-charter, as I have another meeting that I have to attend.   Fees can be taken from boy’s account but you must see Stacey in person to verify this request If you can’t make a meeting by the 4th but want to recharter you can contact Stacey about sending her a check.
Brian Haberberger
Troop Committee Chairman