May Backpacking Trip

We will be hiking the Big Piney Trail near Roby, MO May 29-31. We will camp at the Roby Lake Recreation Area Forest Service campground Friday night. The trail is approximately 17 miles in a loop. We will hike about 10 miles on Saturday and then 7-8 miles on Sunday. We will camp at Paddy Creek Recreation Area Forest Service campground Saturday night. Good news is both campgrounds have pit toilets! 🙂 You can find some useful information and a packing list on our Backpacking Info page.

Please look at the Troop 858 backpacking info page for a packing list and ideas where to get gear that you will need. Mr. Barnes has enough tents for six scouts. He also has a couple of backpacks scouts can borrow – first come first served. If you have a lightweight backpacking tent please plan on bringing it. You won’t need stoves, the adults have enough stoves to boil water.

  • Make sure you purchase food for yourself. You will be carrying it so choose carefully. Don’t pack too much but don’t skimp either. It’s a fine line. :-)Purchase a rehydrate in a bag meal for dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning. A couple of packages of instant oatmeal (just add water kind) works pretty well for breakfast too. Make sure you pack a bowl if you are going to make oatmeal for breakfast. We will NOT be doing any patrol style cooking.  You’ll also need some sort of trail lunch for Saturday/Sunday plus some snacks – beef jerky, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, etc. Remember it will be warm and chocolate will melt.
  • We will be eating somewhere in Rolla, MO on the way down Friday evening so bring some cash for that. Probably $10 will cover it. We will cook breakfast Saturday morning before hitting the trail. Please bring $5 to the May 21st troop meeting for grub money.
  • Please fill your water containers prior to leaving the house Friday and make sure the lids are secured tightly so they won’t leak. I don’t believe there is a water source at Roby Lake unless you want to filter lake water. There is a place to filter/treat water Saturday evening. You only need enough water for one day. Check the backpacking checklist on the troop backpacking page for the suggested amount of water to carry.
  • It will take about 2.5 hours of drive time to get to the trailhead. We will do our best to find rides for scouts who’s parents aren’t going. If you haven’t signed up already please let Mr. Barnes know as soon as possible if you intend to participate in the trip.

Mr. Barnes’ e-mail is Please let him know if you have any questions.

We will have a pack shake down meeting at the May 21st troop meeting. This will make sure you are not forgetting something and/or taking items you won’t need.

Forest Service Big Piney Trail site

Ouachita Maps Big Piney Trail site