Trek 630-114 – June 30-July 12, 2017.

Philmont Videos – Great videos produced by Philmont about different aspects of the trek – physical preparation, cooking, gear selection, etc. Will be helpful for each crew member to watch all of them, maybe multiple times. 

Exercises for Hikers – Exercises found on a website that are designed to build muscles specific to hiking/backpacking. Hiking on a trail with weight on your back is the best way to build muscles specific to hiking. However, this may help you kick it up a notch. 

Article from Scouting Magazine about getting fit for Philmont. Don’t be like “The Cheese”. In the infamous words of legendary Philmont staffer of 32 seasons Gene Schnell – “If you don’t get in shape for Philmont God will punish you.” 🙂

Philmont Lightweight – Ideas on how not to take a heavy pack to Philmont